Korea’s establishment of the logistics center in Vietnam.

📉The Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said it has established an agency called K-UPA in Vietnam, to help Korean companies preserve goods at room temperature or low temperatures.

📈The launch of K-UPA takes place in the context of the Ministry working with the Ulsan State Port Authority to open a center in Dong Nai province, southern Vietnam to help Korean companies preserve goods at room temperature. or low temperature.

📶In partnership with Korea-based logistics company KCTC, the project, worth 18.8 KRW (14.3 million USD), focuses on building a 12,000-square-meter center with a storage capacity of 4.3 million pallets of goods. Of which, Ulsan Port Authority holds 80% of the shares in the project, and KCTC Vietnam holds the remainder. ✍When the center opens, it will significantly improve the export competitiveness of Korean businesses operating in Southeast Asia.

📌The center is expected to go into operation in December this year and begin providing full services in July 2025. The center will offer discounts of about 10-15% for small and medium-sized Korean companies.

Source: Customs