Customs declaration and clearance

Customs Declaration and Clearance Services

  • Import – Export Business.
  • Import – Export Processing.
  • Import – Export Production and Export.
  • Import Tax Exemption for Fixed Assets.
  • Temporary Importation, Re-exportation, Temporary Exportation, and Re-importation.
  • Import and Export to/from Export Processing Zones or Export Processing Enterprises.
  • Transit Goods, Border Gate Transfer.
  • Goods Imported to Bonded Warehouse.
  • Other Imported Goods.

Import and Export License Application and Specialized Inspection Services

  • Apply for the Import Permit on Food Safety / the procedures for food safety announcement at the Food Safety Department / Ministry of Health.
  • Apply for a publication license at the Ministry of Information and Communications.
  • Apply for a precursor license, and declare chemicals at the Chemical Department/Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Apply for an Animal Quarantine License at the Department of Animal Health / Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Apply for a fertilizer import license at the Department of Plant Protection/Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Post-Customs Clearance Inspection Services

  • Document Collection.
  • Goods Inspection.
  • Accounting Document Inspection.
  • Consultation on Remedial Measures and Implementation Planning.