In the port operations field, KCTC is primarily responsible for managing Posco’s port operations, which include the following tasks:

  1. Vessel and Ship Management: Monitoring and managing the schedules and activities of vessels and ships in the port. This includes scheduling arrivals and departures, guiding vessels into the port, and tracking port call times.
  2. Cargo Stowage and Handling: Organizing cargo stowage and arrangement on vessels, containers, and storage areas within the port. This requires tight control of cargo flow and storage management.
  3. Infrastructure Operation: Maintaining and managing port infrastructure, including port bridges, cranes, and gantry cranes. Ensuring that these facilities operate efficiently and safely.
  4. Customs Procedures and Security Checks: Supporting customs and security inspection processes for cargo and vessels, ensuring compliance with all regulations and rules.
  5. Financial and Passenger Services: Providing services to passengers and vessels, including fee collection, information provision, and managing port facilities such as passenger terminals and accommodation areas.
  6. Environmental Management: Ensuring that port operations comply with environmental protection regulations, waste handling, and minimizing negative impacts on the marine and land environment.
  7. Financial and Contract Management: Managing financial resources, contracting transport services, and monitoring revenue and expenses related to port operations.
  8. Maintenance and Repairs: Conducting regular maintenance and repairs of port infrastructure to ensure safety and efficiency.