Heavy and oversized cargo

KCTC specializes in providing a wide range of logistics services for machinery and equipment projects in Vietnam and Oversized and Overweight (OSOW) cargo, including:

  1. Large Industrial Machinery: Large-sized and heavy industrial machinery and equipment, such as manufacturing machinery, generators, and construction equipment.
  2. Special Construction Structures and Materials: Components of construction projects, such as columns, beams, and special construction materials that may fall under OSOW cargo.
  3. Large Electronic Equipment: Some large-scale electronic devices or computers, for example, power stations, supercomputers, and telecommunications equipment.
  4. Specialized Transportation Equipment: Components of large vehicles or specialized transport vehicles, such as heavy-duty truck convoys.

We provide services including:

  • Customs procedures, cargo clearance, and synchronized inspection.
  • Moving, installation, dismantling, and transportation of heavy equipment.
  • Using cranes, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles to transport heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Performing the unloading process of goods and equipment from containers or OSOW transport vehicles.
  • Packaging into pallets, using wooden crates, and performing lashing to ensure cargo safety.
  • Crane lifting of heavy equipment and moving them in confined spaces.
  • Installation of machinery and equipment at construction sites, factories, or clean rooms.
  • Adjusting and aligning equipment and machinery per manufacturer instructions to ensure proper operation.