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Great KCTC

Beloved Global Logistics Company Great KCTC!


KCTC is a new leader in the field of logistics . It stands firm in the core of the Global Logistics Industrial


KCTC is a new leader in the field of logistics . It stands firm in the core of the Global Logistics Industrial


SINCE 2008
General Director PARK HYUN BAE
Dear our value customers

First of all, I’d like to thank all of our loyal customers without whom it would have been impossible for KCTC Vietnam to become one of the leading corporations in the global logistics industry.

KCTC Vietnam was founded in 2008 with focus on container terminal business and soon we expanded our business to port stevedoring services, air, land, and sea transports and warehouse services, and heavy cargo services. Now, KCTC Vietnam has become one of the world’s best third - party logistics to deliver the best possible logistical solutions to meet the needs of all customers through logistics innovation as we cope with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Furthermore, until today, KCTC Vietnam has been striving to sustain its corporate social value in order to improve competitiveness and productivity to achieve consumers’ satisfaction beyond affection. Also, KCTC Vietnam has contributed to the enhancement of competitiveness of national economy as well as creating jobs, nurturing ethical management, and expanding investment both nationally and internationally.

Once again, your encouragement and attention are much appreciated, and I promise that we will be with our customers with the best logistics service.


The value of customers will be maximized as KCTC improves logistics process through constant changes and innovations.

KCTC provides the best 3rd party logistics service with the latest facilities and optimum logistics centers.

Our greatest successes have always come from working closely with our customers to understand their business and deliver the solutions they need.

Being the pioneer in Bonded/unbounded warehouse service in Dong Nai province, we are confident to provide you with the best solution for any import and export goods in Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh.

Also like with the other South-East Asia countries, customs clearance of cargoes at Vietnam is very complicated. KCTC Vietnam, with inherent deep experience, we can ensure the customs clearance smoothly and tackle successfully some problems raised.

KCTC is a trusted and experienced name in specialized hauling service across Vietnam. We have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to get the job done safety and efficiently.

Transporting superheavy cargo is no problem with KCTC. We can handle whatever you want to move from Ship Blocks, Sea Plants, Development installations, steel structures, large gas tanks, and you name it.

KCTC continuous to be a legend in transporting superheavy and lengthy cargo. Customized Solutions for the Safe, Reliable Transportation of Your Logistically Challenging Cargo.

KCTC has magnificent stevedoring infrastructures throughout all ports with port stevedoring experience, great equipment, easy landing docks and service space, and modern storages, it provides 24 hour fast, reliable stevedoring and storage service.



KCTC provides Global Integrated Logistics Service through a wide range of logistics network that connects the world.
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63 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea
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62 Kelurahan Pancoran, Kecamatan Pancoran,
Jakarta, Indonesia
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No.24, Renmin Road Zhong Shan Dist,
Dalian, China
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RAMA 4 Road, Klongton, Klongtoey,
Bangkok, Thailand
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