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International Transport Services

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 06:40

Written by Admin

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KCTC provides stevedoring services at some of the major harbors in Korea such as Busan, Masan, Ulsan, Pyungtaek, Mokpo etc. and with the help of the advanced equipments and facilities, we provide our customers with the TOTAL logistics services right from the loading and unloading operations of heavy cargoes to the transport and storage of those cargoes.

Also, KCTC was designated as the in charge of the loading and unloading operations of North Korean vessels in July 2005; we secured the Busan New Port Container Terminal and became one of the operators of the Daebul port at the Mokpo in 2007. Thus, by securing additional number of new ports, we are exerting all our efforts to increase our competitiveness and also expand business operations.
Container Terminal
-U-Am Terminal (UTC)
U-Am terminal, which was established on 20th March 1996 as the first privatized terminal for containers only has an area of 184,000 ㎡, a 500 meter long berth and is operated by the advanced computational operation system that keeps record of every container that has been taken in and out of the gate; this terminal can handle 560,000 TEU annually and operates a container yard which can accomodate 360 reefer receptacles and 8000 TEU simultaneously.

- Busan New Port South Container Terminal Phase 2-3
KCTC participated in the consortium in 2005 and was selected as one of the project developers; Busan New Port South Container Terminal is expected to be open in 2012 and construction is under progress at the moment. Equipped with 1.4km long berth, service area of 840,000㎡ and advanced equipments and facilities, KCTC promises to provide our customers with quality services
Container loading & unloading
With the operation of the Busan port pier #1, container terminal such as UTC and etc. and using inland cargo-working facilities such as CY, CFS, 2 units of 450-ton harbor cranes at Ulsan and Busan ports, 2 units of 350-ton harbor cranes, 250-ton floating crane, land crane etc., we provide fast and safe stevedoring services
RO-RO loading & unloading
KCTC provides expert cargo-working services for Ro-Ro’s that are imported and exported in car-ferry ships by car carriers such as the Camelia, Panstar, C & Cruise etc., between Busan↔Japan at the Busan International Passenger Terminal; we provide fast and safe cargo-working services with our excellent human resources and expert Know-how.
General cargo-working
We have opened our branches and sales offices at the ports of Busan, Ulsan, Masan, Pyungtaek, Mokpo etc. and with our vast experiences in handling not only the general cargo but also non-standard size cargoes, we provide our customers with highly customized services.

Also, KCTC is the only cargo handling operator which possesses the floating crane; other than this floating crane, KCTC has advanced cargo-handling equipments such as 450-ton harbor crane, multi-module trailer capable of 360˚ rotation, 4 point jack system etc. We are rapidly growing to become the best cargo-handling operator with the intensive investment in equipments and newly developed ports.