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Inland Container Transport

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 04:56

Written by Admin

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KCTC transport business with its optimal networks in the major locations all over Korea and advanced transport equipments, provides complete collective transport services not only in the container sector but also in the transport of general cargo, iron products and heavy cargoes right from the production site to the ports of import and export; we are doing our best to transport your cargo more safely and more rapidly.

Especially, to satisfy the diverse transport requirements of our customers, we have come up with optimal transport routes and faster and less expensive means of transportation to contribute to the reduction in the transportation costs of our customers. What is more, the KCTC Mobile System is the advanced information system that keeps track of location of your cargo right from the location of shipping up to its destination on real time. It is possible to get updates on the whereabouts of your cargo on the internet or on your mobile phones
Container transportation
With more than 330,580m² of container yard, depot and ICD and import & export container transport networks that are connected with not only roads but also railroads, KCTC provides the collective services required of our customers in a fast, accurate and complete manner; we also have sufficient equipments and facilities for the transport of the reefer container, specialized container etc. to satisfy our customers with highly customized services.
Transport of general cargo
With various types of equipments and networks required for the transport of diverse varieties of general cargo, we do our best to satisfy the requirements of our customers through collective services related to the maritime transport
Railroad transport
KCTC began its specialized railroad transport service in 1995, with the production of our own cargo trains; currently, we own 50 general cargo trains and 10 reefer trains and with the railroad container yard and depots in important locations all over Korea such as Busan, Euiwang, Chungju, Kunsan, Kwangyang, Gumi, Ulsan, Cheonan, Kwangju etc., we provide our customers with the best services possible