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KCTC, which was established in the year of 1973 with focus on port stevedoring, has achieved remarkable growth to lead the logistics industry in Korea, to realize the dream of making Korea one of the maritime superpowers and for rapid national development.

Actively involved in the major logistics industry in Korea with business activities in the port stevedoring of export and import goods, warehouse storage, land and seaways transport, transport and installation of heavy cargoes etc., KCTC possesses solid logistics networks at the major ports and cities all over Korea and we have grown to become an integrated logistics company, pursuing the total logistics services with a good mix of port logistics and 3rd party logistics.

KCTC truly believes that the very driving force behind our continuous growth and development has been your constant encouragement and support and we promise to endeavor even more to ensure higher growth and improve our competitive edge amid the global administrative system.

KCTC will strive to make Northeast Asia the logistics hub; through continuous efforts to develop new and advanced logistics methods, process innovation, and highly customized programs to provide easy information access to customers etc., all of us will do our utmost to touch the hearts of our customers to realize our management philosophy.
Mr. Lee Jun Hwan, CEO, Vice-president, KCTC Co. Ltd