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About Us

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KCTC, an intergrated logistics company with our dreams and vision, will strive to raise the value of our customers a notch higher
KCTC, which was established in 1973 with commencement of container terminal operations, has become one of the most prominent integrated logistics companies in Korea through the establishment of accurate and collective transport system with expansion of business in areas such as port stevedoring of export and import, bonded warehouse operation, inland transportation of containers, land transport and coastal shipping of heavy cargoes, parcel delivery and storage, international combined transport, e-business etc.

Our sales networks equipped with the state-of-the-art logistics information system such as mobile gadgets, IT technologies etc. and also the environmentally friendly quality management system through the acquisition of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 connect some of the major cities in Korea such as Seoul, Busan, Inchon, Masan, Ulsan, Gumi, Cheongju, Kunsan, Gwangyang with the major Korean ports.

Heavy cargoes transport using tugboats, barges, module trailers and through the operation of logistics bases such as Bugok, Yangsan inland container depot and national railroad terminals etc. and especially the U-Am container terminal, the very first privatized port in Korea, Yangjae and Yongin logistics centers, the largest of its kind in the metropolitan area, which offer our customers services ranging from storage and assortment to the delivery to the respective clients, right from export and import of goods to the sales of those goods; also from the ordinary parcels to the heaviest of the factory facilities, KCTC has established integrated logistics service system to handle all types of goods to provide the numerous categories of our clientele with the excellent quality services